Do Moms like to get appliances for Christmas?

Okay, Superdad told me today that my Christmas present would be coming in the mail this week. That when UPS brought it to not really go get it. They were unable to wrap the present so I would be able to see by the box what my present would be. Got it?

I mentioned that it better not be an appliance. I said, "Mom's cook and clean all year round that the last thing they want is something to cook or clean with."

Correct Moms? You tell me.

I RUINED it for him! I had mentioned that I needed a Food Processor to make some kitchen things easier to make. A Food Processor would definitely make making Hummus much easier.

Soooo, he bought me a Food Processor for the holiday.

What is your opinion on this? Do you like getting a gift like this for Christmas?

I told Superdad, "An appliance is something you need for the house and together you pick it out to buy for the house. It's not a gift you give for anything."

Was I wrong? Sorry honey. You get 4 STARS for listening to me!!!!!


Mrs Furious said…
Oh this is a tough call... I mean he listened and he remembered. But in general I agree (listen up Mr F... do not get me the freaking griddle for xmas!! we'll all be using it! ergo not a personal gift!).
Monkey's Momma said…
Do not, I repeat, do not buy me something for the house for Christmas!
Supermom said…
Ha Ha!

I am very happy that Superdad did listen! I will love that food processor for a very long time.

Does this mean I don't have to get him a gift? We can share the food processor!

Michelle :)