Dell can EFF OFF!

**Beware!! Supermom is angry and frustrated in this post!**

I bought a Dell Laptop several years ago. I quit using the laptop as my main computer because Superdad has two computers that he "made" and they are set up in the office area.

I got the laptop out over the weekend to start using it again. It wouldn't start up. I ASSUMED it was the power cord and a dead battery. Upon review, I found out there was a recall on the POWER CORD due to a fire HAZARD!!!!! So, I have trying to get an English speaking person on the phone at DELL!!!! OMG, it isn't possible.

I spent time WAITING on the phone for DELL that I will never get back. I have been transferred SEVERAL times, I lost count. I have even been DISCONNECTED TWO TIMES making me have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. I even got online to do a live chat with a tech person. OMFG!!!!!!

Finally, I got so angry I typed them up an email.

I have been disconnected twice, tried to find help online talking with a Dell
support person and have been transferred several times.

My Inspiron 3800 laptop needs a new cord. My computer quit working and we were
looking to buy a new cord when we realized my cord was recalled several years
ago. We were not told of the recall, I am guessing because we moved to a new
address after the computer was already paid for.

Here is the link on Dell for the recalled power cord:

~link here~

I know my warranty has expired but due to my cord being recalled I should
receive a new cord at no charge.

The numbers on my cord are:

P/N 9364U

Can this email be directed to the right person so I may get a new power cord as
soon as possible so my computer may work again.

Thank you.

I waited.....and waited....more than the 24 hours that they claimed would be the response time.
This came in the mail yesterday:

Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Care.

For assistance with this issue, please contact our Tech Support Department toll
free at 800-624-9896. They would be able to assist you with this issue.


Merab Nasrani
Rep ID 161582
Dell Online Customer Care

When corresponding with Dell, please include your order or customer reference

Hmmmm. So, I have to call the same NUMBER I have been calling and talk to the same people that did NOT have a CLUE and kept transferring me to another non-English speaking person and in the end get disconnected again?

I think not!


You can keep your sorry ass power cord and I am not ordering a battery. I am going to buy MYSELF a brand new laptop that doesn't have that awful VISTA on it!!!!
~sticking tongue out!~


HeartMommy said…
Interesting- I just had the same conversation with my sister this weekend. We both own Dell Laptops that were purchased in 2007. Both have Vista and both have serious problems. Forget the power cord, the actual machine does not work. I literally spent over 3 hours on the phone and another on an on-line chat session, allowing Dell IT to take over the computer to assist. HAH! It did not work then, does not work now and is still being paid for...we are in the process of sending letters and requesting refunds.
SO, I agree!
Katie Mae said…
We bought a new Dell PC this past year but made sure to have XP put on it instead of Vista and I love it... hubs has Vista on his laptop and loves it, but his laptop is a Gateway LOL!

Maybe it's just Dell and Vista together that suck?

Oh... Dell is pretty crappy with customer service regarding billing as well. There's never anyone who speaks English as a first language that can help.
Supermom said…
My laptop didn't have vista on it thankfully. I am sure that would have put me over the edge.
Superdad found an email address for the big guy at Dell. I am going to send him an email and will blog all about it.
If that goes nowhere then I am buying a new laptop and it sure as hell won't be a Dell.

Hello, I am one of Dell's Outreach Liaisons here at Dell headquarters in Texas. One of the folks here found your blog and passed the link to me so I could see what I could do to help out.

Based on the email you quoted, it sounds like you emailed a Customer Care department. Since getting the AC adapter replaced is a technical issue, they are supposed to direct you (or if you are on the phone, transfer you) to the correct tech support department in situations like this.

From what you have written, and what I read on the recall page for the AC adapters, I don't have a problem setting up to have a replacement adapter shipped to you. To do that I just need to get some information (service tag and/or case number) through email ( with 'attn: larry - ac recall' in the subject) for the system and where I should send the replacement.

As for the system not starting up at all, have you tried it with the battery out? While the AC adapter does appear to be part of the recall, you will not be in danger if you use it for a short period of time (5 to 10 minutes) in order to test the system. If you don't get any response from trying to start the computer on AC or on battery, then the problem may, unfortunately, be with the motherboard.

HeartMommy, if you are still having problems with your Dell I would be happy to see what I can do to get things taken care of. I would need the same information (service tag and/or a case number) so I can review whats already been tried and make sure I take the appropriate steps to resolve things.

Dell Outreach Liaison
HeartMommy said…
OK- Dell Computers...I am officially calling you names that cannot be printed in this reply!
$#%)$(*)$*)#(%&$(%(*$&^@_#)#(#_)%$_%($_$)*({$%)$(*^&$(*$)(%*$)(%$)!!!!! And so forth.
Can you imagine that nearly a year later, I am STILL having problems with my now dinosaur of a Dell laptop. Dell continues to send me bills for the computer that does not work, was 'fixed' and now I have had it!!!
Today, I sent Dell a scathing email...I H*TE DELL!
If I was even using my DELL computer, which I am not, I would take a photo of it, so you can see the broken top, the blue screen of death and the external hard drive I purchased and paid to have all my information backed-up.
DELL is the WORST!!