Can you guess??

Lil O is quoting this from what movie?

"It puts the lotion on its skin."

Thanks Superdad for teaching her this!


Lori said…
Silence of the Lambs!!! My husband says this to our boys when he lotions them up after their bath. It creeps me out every time...and now when I put lotion on, I say it to myself in my head won't go away.
Helene said…
Oh.My.God...this made me laugh outloud!!! We use that line every now and then when we put lotion on the kids after a bath! Now the kids laugh hysterically everytime we say that.
Supermom said…

Superdad always says it after baths!!!
Hi, I'm Amy! said…
Totally creepy. And have you ever heard the song "lotion" by the greenskeepers? Youtube that one. But I'd make sure kids aren't around. It's weird.