Wow, such an amazing morning filled with change.

I cannot help but get all teary eyed thinking about last night. We were up past midnight watching the telly. Teary eyed and in amazement. History in the making. I cannot help but have a different view and have hopes for the changes to come.

I voted for Obama. I feel like I have made a difference. In listening to Obama's speech last night, I couldn't help but think "DAMN, he's an intelligent man, well spoken and he is going to do things!".

Okay, enough Obama talk, I am getting all teared up and then want to shout it out that "The best man for the job WON!".

My plan for the day--To have NO plans. CHECK!

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


Debbie said…
You are so lucky to have a day with no plans. My kids were out of school Monday and Tuesday so today I plan to do three days worth of work! But first, blogging!
Maggie said…
Have a great day!!

I would love to have no plans today! The weather here is georgous today!! We're all in short-sleeves. Way too pretty to be in doors all day at WORK!!! BLAH! =)