Whatever you do, DON'T EAT THE POPCORN!

B2 is in scouts. As you know they sell popcorn every year. Have you been suckered into buying a tin? You know you have! Don’t be ashamed! HA HA!

Since I am the proud mom of a scout it is required that I buy a couple of popcorn tins. Yes, it is in the small print upon joining them. I bought the big cans this year. TWO BIG CANS. I spent $90.00 for an assortment of different flavored popcorn, chocolate covered peanuts and pretzels. Before you gasp realize that 5 people would be munching on these tins.

Monday night we were all digging into these tins. YUMMILICIOUS!

Tuesday morning B2 woke up in excruciating pain at 5am. Hugging the trash can and running for the toilet!!! Poor guy. I slipped him a Zofran to help! Zofran is a miracle drug! Unfortunately he threw up right after it started to dissolve on his tongue.

I figured a tummy bug and was all freaked out. Spraying Lysol on everything he touched. Even Lil O would tell B2, “Don’t touch me!” I cringe when I have been exposed to a tummy bug. I cannot think of anything I hate worse than throwing up.

I kept B2’s diet restricted all day Tuesday, not allowing him to have anything sweet for fear he would throw up again.

Wednesday rolls around and we were chowing down on popcorn after dinner. Do you see where I am going with this?

Thursday morning B2 wakes up sick again! Awful pain. Rolling all over his bed. I was sad for my son.

There is something on/in the popcorn that doesn’t agree with him. Perhaps some preservative. NO MORE POPCORN FOR B2!!! It hasn’t bothered anyone else. This makes his sisters Lil O and H happy because that means more popcorn for them. I haven't touched the stuff since, it freaks me out!

Has this happened to anyone else????

B2 missed two days of school because of the reaction THEN it snowed and both B2 and H missed school on Friday! Shockingly I am still sane and madly in love with my kids. :)

Okay, moving on.

Things I have watched this week:

-We finished The Prisoner DVD set. Don’t bother getting your hopes up about this great ending because it isn’t happening! I’ll be nice to say it SUCKED!!! I am mad about how it ended. Pretty lame.

-Rita Rocks on DEMAND. There was one more on there I hadn’t seen.

-By Any Means. Charley Boorman’s Show. LOVE IT!!!!

-Grey’s Anatomy. To which I think they are making Izzy lose her mind!

-Life on Mars. Why do I get sucked in???? IT BETTER END DIFFERENTLY THAN THE BBC VERSION!


-The IT Crowd is back!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! Is it plugged in? Do you have it turned on? I blogged about this before and think you should FIND THIS SHOW! I love BBC sitcoms!


Thanksgiving is 5 days away. Are you ready? I have only a few more things to purchase. Like fresh corn, cream and things I cannot remember at the moment.

I have a list of things that I can prepare the day before the big meal.

Wednesday- Prepare the sweet potato casserole up until adding the pecan topping.

-broccoli casserole up until adding the cracker topping.


-deviled eggs (maybe)

-sweet tea

So Thursday I can get up before the crack of dawn, shower, put on my sexy lil apron and do this:

-cook two homemade pumpkin pies

-cook the turkey, make the dressing and gravy

-cook peas

-finish making the sweet potato and broccoli casserole

-make the yeast rolls

I’ll be taking pictures of each dish to share with you! Hopefully you will want to try one of the recipes. I’d be happy to share!


Debbie said…
We always get the bagged scout popcorn to pop in the microwave and haven't had any problems. That stuff is expensive!
Hi, I'm Amy! said…
I believe Izzy is going nutso as well :) Think they're going to write her off? I heard a rumor after the Oscar comments she made. Did you hear about that? Or maybe they're giving her an Oscar opportunity with the "I see dead people thing". Hah. I'm curious to see what happens.
Edgy Mama said…
Weird. My boy had something disagee with him yesterday. I learned that in his world, "My throat hurts," really means, "I'm about to barf." But he was totally fine after he threw up. No telling what ate, but I don't think it was Boy Scout popcorn.