The Weekend Review

Let me say that having two sick kids is a blast! NOT!!!!!!

Friday I stopped by our local grocery store to pick up a WNC Parent. I always go through them looking for ideas for Kid Friendly Asheville. They have great family fun in them.

WNC Parent

I was sitting in my chaise dog earring pages and taking mental notes. Look what caught my eye:

WNC Parent

Do you see it?

WNC Parent

MY OTHER WEBSITE IS MENTIONED!! Kid Friendly Asheville!!!!!!!

Check out for some great reviews.

I was like HUH?

It was such a total surprise. My site in a local magazine aimed towards parents. I quickly snapped a picture with my Blackberry and emailed it to a few friends. I wanted to share it with them because I was totally psyched. I even went back and picked up 6 more copies. I am such a goober. I am sure that is why you love me.

**Note to self. Never buy that cold medicine for Lil O again. It has made her hyper You'd think she has had 14 cups of coffee while doing espresso shots! Wonder if I could sneak her some of H's NyQuil? Yes, that might work. All she needs is a tiny teeny sip.

Even though two out of four are sick we managed to go see Madagascar 2. We had planned it before H & O thought they would get sick for the weekend. I wasn't impressed with the first one but totally LOVE the second one. I highly recommend it! I really hate having to pay to go to the movies. That's why we usually wait until they are at Asheville Pizza Company to watch them at a discount price.

Tickets + Candy + Popcorn + Drinks = Child's College Fund

I know this is wrong but I have a movie secret. We will stop by the local drug store and buy our box candy and drinks. Slip them into an over sized purse and voila, you are saving some major bucks. I even have a special bag just for the movies. Buying the treats somewhere else makes going to the movies a bit easier to handle.

That pretty much sums up our weekend. Guess I better go and tackle the mountain of laundry. Our basement does favor Mt Everest.

PS. Superdad mentioned he should be a guest blogger for me. He brought it up. I may take him up on it. If he promises to be nice and not tell about all my OCD Hormonal Crankiness.

Other things I watched over the weekend:

Get Smart
Prince Caspian