Things I got sucked into this week:

*Top Chef ~The Season Premier

*Grey's Anatomy

*Life on Mars ~I was really digging this show UNTIL I found out how the BBC version ends. If you don't want to know THEN YOU BETTER NOT LOOK!

*Jon & Kate plus 8 ~Well, this is Lil O's favorite show these days. Thank goodness you can DEMAND them.

*The Prisoner ~We are still working on that DVD set. 2 more to go!

*The Secret Lives of Women ~It was about body builders. Those were some rock hard women!

*The Graham Norton Show

*Rita Rocks ~I was able to DEMAND the first 6 episodes.

*The Soup


Dana said…
Seriously, the Grey's episode totally confused me. My friends and I are speculating that ABC is trying to kill off Izzy (because of stupid remarks that Katherine Heigl made), thus the reappearance of Denny.

Sheesh. I'm like a conspiracy theorist or something.
Supermom said…

IMPO, I have never liked her anyway.

What do you think about the new girl??