Thanksgiving In The Making

~ok, so much for just scanning the pages and posting them that way. the scanner isn't hooked up.~

Here's the blog I used paper and pen to write yesterday while sick in bed. Enjoy:

A blog about tradition, making your own traditions and the cooking of the whole meal.

~Written on notebook paper in the bed next to a sleeping sick Baby M. Covered in her snot. Listening to the new window being put in.~

With Thanksgiving 15 days away I wanted to share with you old traditions and ones in the making.

While growing up I have fond memories of Thanksgiving. I remember my mamaw and mom making these awesome meals. I also remember leftover COLD turkey sandwiches with lots of MAYO! That's what I'm talking about. I never like cranberry sauce from a can. This year I am making my own Cranberry Relish.

I think every meal should have a sweet potato dish and deviled eggs.

This year I am cooking the meal all by myself. I am going to enlist each child to help with their own signature dish. This will be great fun!!!! So they don't argue over a dish I will let them draw names from a stock pot. I will be making a picture diary so you can enjoy this moment with me. I'll have to enlist Superdad to be the camera man.

The Menu:

Turkey--This is a no brainer. Unless of course we didn't eat meat. I am not cooking a whole turkey. I will cook a breast. We all eat white meat anyway.
(While Baby M just likes the breast.)

Dressing--My grandmother's personal recipe. She will be helping me with this. I say help in as over the phone.

Add a bit of that and a tad of that. Taste it and then add...


Cranberry Relish--I had this years back at a restaurant and I am going to give it a go. I haven't found a recipe for this just yet.

Sweet Potatoes with Pecan Topping

Broccoli Casserole--My mom's recipe. Ritz crackers and Velveeta cheese! YUMMY!! Nothing healthy or organic with this dish!

Creamed Corn

Peas or a Spinach Salad--I haven't decided just yet.

Deviled Eggs--OF COURSE!!!

Yeast Rolls--Yes, I will be making these from scratch as well.

Pumpkin Pie--HOMEMADE!

I am really looking forward to preparing this with my children! A Thanksgiving Memory they will have and perhaps pass on in their own family some day.

I am starving now!

What traditions do you enjoy with your family? What do you wish you hadn't started? Is there one you want to start?

After I got married the first time, I dreaded the holidays. Being felt as if you had to travel to every living relatives house in one 24 hour day. I am here to tell you that you do not have to do this to enjoy any holiday. I was very fortunate that while growing up my mom cooked these great meals and we were able to stay home and enjoy each other. It was the same for Christmas, we were able to play all day and not travel around the world.

So, in a sense I am finished traveling. Over the past couple years I have been able to mostly stay at home. Hence, why I am cooking this year for my family.

As far as I know it will be only be for us but if anyone else wants to come over then that will be okay.

I am going to try and make this as STRESS FREE as possible. That might require a little help from Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. ;)

Another Tradition:

After the kids and Superdad have finished cleaning up the dining room and have all the dishes washed----guess what?

It's time to put the Christmas Tree up!


Amy from Texas said…
Okay, I'm really hungry now! We have about the same type of dinner. I don't like pumpkin pie though, so my Great Grandma Chunkie would make me a mini chocolate one! She also made lemon, banana, and about 3 pumpkin pies. That's what I miss most about those big Thanksgiving dinners!
Monkey's Momma said…
LOVE Broccoli Casserole! I can make it a meal in itself!
Maggie said…
YUMMY!!! I can't wait to chow down!! LOL, that was funny, Baby M just likes the breast. hee hee
Supermom said…
LOL Maggie! I am glad someone enjoyed my humor!!!!

I hope you 3 wonderful ladies enjoy the weekend.