Supermom has a question. Wanna Help?

I'm debating about a Christmas Tree. Not about putting one, I am going to put a tree up. I am thinking about buying one of those 4 ft trees and setting it up on something, away from my 7 month old baby and a certain 3 year old girl.

Does this make me not in the Christmas spirit? I just don't want to drag out that HUGE tree and then sit by it 24 hours a day to make sure a baby or toddler doesn't KNOCK it over breaking my ANTIQUE ornaments that have been handed down to me by my mamaw.



Monkey's Momma said…
That's what I did when Monkey was a baby. Go for it!
Katie Mae said…
Ya know... when Kaden was a baby, we got a fake ficus tree and put lights and decorations on it LOL! Everything was out of his reach and it was funny, kept us smiling the entire holiday!

Christmas is SO hectic already... without having to worry about something you don't HAVE to worry about. I say put up the smaller tree and be merry! You guys can do everything with the smaller tree that you do with a bigger tree and you won't have any added stress.

I can block Sawyer from our tree but if not... I'd be looking for a ficus! LOL!
Maggie said…
That's a good idea about the small tree!

We actually put two trees up this year. The one downstairs, where Jonah mostly plays outside of his bedroom, has all shatter-proof ornaments on it. He has pulled at them a time or two since we put it up, but I don't have to worry about it. The one upstairs is our family tree with all our special ornaments on it. Since he does go in there when we are in there, I tried to put all the breakable ones higher and the cloth/felt/non-breakable ones at the bottom. He hasn't bothered it so much since it's been up for a little while.

You need to do what you feel you should do - I have special ornaments and don't want them to break either so I know what you mean! =)
SMA said…
Yeah, go for the smaller tree. It's still in the spirit. It's yet another one of those things that we adjust to make room for the littler people in our lives.
We're still getting a big tree, I think, just sticking it somewhere out of the way and/or behind a gate. I don't know. Maybe we'll do the small tree too. They are so cute!