Starting a Compacting Christmas Tradition.

I have been telling you about our my compacting journey over the past few weeks. I have cut out all impulse buying! The test came yesterday when I was at my favorite place ever!!! Target! I have been to Paris. I have eaten at the Eiffel Tower. I saw a painting of the Eiffel Tower. Thought it would look fabulous in my dining room beside my china cabinet. I have lived in this house for over 4 years and have put ZERO on the walls except some wedding pictures. Oh, and a mirror few months ago. HA HA! I picked up the picture. Admired the picture. Hung it back up and walked away! I am awesome!

I have been talking about Christmas for weeks with my family. I asked the kids to make a list of thinks they might want from us. I told them they would be getting three things off the list and of course something from Santa. I also found something cute and small for their stockings. That means 5 gifts per child and of course candy for the stockings.

Christmas isn't about HOW MANY PRESENTS CAN WE BUY AND GO IN DEBT. Really it isn't. I know we have been brought up this way. It doesn't have to be that way.

I am guessing there will be two gifts per parent as well. I picked up something for the kids to give Superdad and then I will buy him a gift. I also picked up something they can give me from him. LOL

We have everything we could ever hope for. Each other. :) The rest is just gravy as they say.

What are your Christmas plans? What do you think about all this BUY BUY MUST BUY MORE attitude?

I wanted to mention something about my kids making their list. As mentioned before I said we would get three things off their list. I want to add that my kids just didn't think of the most expensive things they could put on the list.

They put things like posters for my room and trading cards.
I love my kids. They are great!


Liz said…
We drew names with family this year, thank goodness.
SMA said…
We are scaling WAY back this year. For financial reasons for one thing, but also because our kiddo is now 2 and we are setting the tone and expectations for future Christmases. So, I'm thinkiing we'll get her one good gift this year (a bike!). She'll get a haul from the Grandparents, I'm sure. The after Christmas we'll get a toy here or there whenever it seems appropriate. At least that's my plan...
Katie Mae said…
There was ONE Christmas... with a phat bonus I got at work that was totally unexpected, I was able to buy EVERYTHING for EVERYONE! Even fill my mother in laws propane tank!

It was probably the most meaningless Christmas of my life!

I dislike the holidays due to the lack of THOUGHT society puts into everything.

We gotten "presents" for ourselves and family throughout the year. Leaving us nothing "big" for Christmas... this puts the "thought" back into things! Together, me and Ry are working on a desk for Katie Jo. Abs didn't get the expensive things she wanted but instead she got less expensive things in more quantity to make things more complete. Sawyer... LOL! She's getting blocks and clothes! She LOVES her blocks!

I feel better about Christmas this year than I have in a long long time! And we aren't even done with our tradition of "cleaning out the old" yet! This is where the kids clean out things they don't need or use and we "make room" for the new stuff they will get for Christmas. We give it away so that kids that don't have the nice things that our kids do... can share in the joy!

The most important gift this year for us all... we have each other!

Awesome blog!
Mon said…
Good on you for putting it back.

I'm so glad to be out of the Xmas circus.

Back in the UK though I asked our nieces to make us a small gift since they were about 5 yrs old. And we don't celebrate xmas so we easily do without gifts. 'Big' gifts for us are birthdays, the rest we feel should be non-material.
Karen said…
I put a bit aside each paycheck this year - sort of a doityourself Christmas club. I made a list of people, divided the money up and that is what I will spend on each. No credit cards. period.
Monkey's Momma said…
We scaled way back years ago. We get my dad and my grandma gift cards. I shop online and throughout the year for Christmas presents for the Monkey. My husband would spend more on Monkey if I would let him, but I have to put my foot down. The kid does not need THAT MANY TOYS. It is ridiculous!

We do not buy for extended family or friends, nor do they for us. It can get completely out of control. We also do not participate in gift exchanges through our jobs.

To our family, the holiday season is about decorating the house, tree and yard, baking cookies, staying warm and cozy in our home, and just enjoying each other's company. Do you really need anything else?