A Priceless Thanksgiving.

Money Spent on Food: $139.79

Two Days of Cooking:

Thanksgiving 2008

Cooking the Thanksgiving meal all by yourself and sharing it with your family.


Here is a slide show I threw together so I wouldn't have to copy and paste 21 codes for these pictures I want to share. There are food pictures and family photos. ENJOY!


Maggie said…
Happy Thanksgiving!! =)

Everything looks wonderful! Great pictures!
Katie Mae said…
Love the pics... food looked DELISH!

I do have to ask... was that the rock salt and peppercorn grinders from Target? I want grinders SO bad but usually can only find the pepper grinder and salt shaker... I like grinded sea/rock salt!
Mon said…
All looks great.

The yeast rolls look fab. Got a recipe?
Supermom said…

WKRP-they came from MOMA.

I'll pass that recipe along. I'd tweak it a bit and add a tab of sugar. They weren't sweet enough for my liking.

I made too much food and have tons of leftovers!!
Monkey's Momma said…
Yum!!! Everything looks so tasty!