Poptarts, Pudding, Banana Chips and Crispy Cat Candy Bars

$197.30 was the total. **Note: This is all organic food purchased at Earth Fare.**

I tried really hard to not IMPULSE BUY! I did rather well. It was Lil O who did the most damage.

Impulse Buys:

Pop tarts (Lil O)
Pudding Mix (Me, it was on sale BTW)
Banana Chips (Lil O)
Snack Bars (Lil O)

Total: $18.16

Baby Food: $5.34

For Thanksgiving Meal: $24.40 I even have my Turkey Breast reserved for the big day.

The receipt is broken down into sections.

Grocery Section. Which includes the impulse buys, pasta, can goods, tahini, popcorn and crackers to name a few. $19.90 The most expensive item was the Sesame Tahini at $6.99, for my homemade hummus.

Cheese. I only bought one kind from the cheese counter. Manchego Raw Milk for my Tuna Pasta. $6.82

Frozen. Yes, I did buy frozen waffles. Two kinds. The are an easy fix for breakfast for the kids before school. Ice Cream Sandwiches. Pie Crusts! They taste JUST AS YUMMY AS HOMEMADE and convenient. That's what I love about them. $19.85

Produce. Tomatoes, Spinach, Onions, Garlic, Lil Potatoes and Apples. $19.90

Bulk. Granola Maple Cereal and Banana Chips. $6.34

Meat. $17.97

Dairy. Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, Whole Milk, Cheese Slices, Shredded Cheese and Butter. $23.93

Bread/Bakery. Tortilla Shells. English Muffins. Buns. $12.05

Money I saved by buying on sale or using a coupon. $10.21

So the moral of the story is to LEAVE LIL O AT HOME. She is the impulse buyer in the family I appears. :)


Tammy said…
what about the awesome mother that says yes you can so she does'nt have to deal with a total 3 y/o melt down in the store...so I say instead of 3 y/o impulse buying it was awesome parenting for that $20
Supermom said…
Yeah there is the meltdown factor in there!

Next time she can stay home with Superdad!

Michelle :)