Once you go Swiffer you never go back.

I guess you can tell what I just finished doing! I love my Swiffer. I worship it actually. Our house is all HARDWOOD and TILE floors so the Swiffer works out fabulously! No I am not getting paid to share my love of Swiffers with you. However if anyone is reading this at Swiffer, how about hooking a Supermom up? (the kind without Febreeze though, they streak my floors)

Let me go over the things I have done so far today and what is left to do. K?

Made the yeast rolls. Made the sweet potato casserole--just have to add the pecan crust and bake a bit more. Made the broccoli casserole--just have to add the RITZ crackers and bake a bit more. Deviled the eggs. Chopped up the carrots, celery, onions and garlic for the turkey tomorrow. Made the dressing--it just has to be cooked. Made the creamed corn.

To do later. Make two pumpkin pies. Shower. Sit on the couch for the rest of the night.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their day!


Tammy said…
WOW I'm impressed
today I've gotten out of bed and.....well thats it lol
is there someplace where I can sign up for OCD? I totally need some lol
Supermom said…
OCD didn't play a part in this. The food wasn't going to cook by itself.

I hope u have a happy Thanksgiving.