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Monday Already?

I LOVE THE TIME CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I admit it! I DO!!!!!! It may be rough for a few days but I LOVE IT!

Superdad is at work and the older kids are at school. I have the house to myself. Sort of.

We voted Saturday! It was a great feeling to cast our vote. I mentioned in a previous post who we would be voting for and WHY we would be voting that way. (This isn't a political blog but this hits home so to speak.) If you read how McCain has ruined my husband and his family which resulted in their business being taken away then you would know why I posted about it before. That makes it personal not just some woman ranting about who she wants to be President.

GO OBAMA. You are the best man for the job and I look forward to the CHANGE that you will bring.

Okay, on to Monday. Over the weekend I got a nice email from a man in California. He wanted to send me a copy of his book to read and of course blog about it my site. I won't tell to much about it until I get the book in my little HANDS. ~insert evil laugh here~ I love reading and to think about his subject, I am EXCITED to get it. After I read it I would be willing to pass it along to one of my readers. :)

Yesterday I made these tasty bean burgers. I made the recipe up. Superdad liked them but H liked my old recipe better. I have like 6 more in the fridge so it looks like Superdad will have his lunch planned out for him over the next couple weeks. ha ha

We hit Dairy Queen for ice cream and took a drive around the area. Looking at the houses, leaves and then we found the wild turkeys that roam our neighborhood. Then the kids played outside. I love the fall EXCEPT now the leaves have to be raked, bushes trimmed and and and I don't know.

Okay, off to ENJOY the time change with my second cup of coffee. I have been working on Kid Friendly Asheville most of the morning. SO many exciting things going on in November.

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


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