I feel like crap. Please pass the Nyquil.

I am grouchy. Which goes along with being a sick superhero I suppose. Hard to wipe noses, change diapers and be happy when you are wiping your nose as well.

Lil O woke me up this morning with a poke poke poke. I want to watch something is the reason for the poke poke poke. Get up, I want to watch something.

I don't feel well. The sink is full of dirty dishes. No one EMPTIED the clean ones even though I left the door open for them to see they were indeed clean and not dirty. (The clean light went off because I had to get a clean plate. DAMN, I hate breaking that seal.)

I have to fold Mt Everest today. Really, the pile is that high. I have the bathroom mats to dry and I will be finished. I don't know whats with boys and peeing. That is an entirely different subject for another day.

~sniffle~ I have to go. Sick Lil O is whining and sick Baby M wants her boobies. I just want to drink my hot cup of coffee in peace. The builders will be here today replacing my picture window. How long will that take? I am thinking couple hours. It's going to be cold in the house while they are doing this so I am going to sequester myself in the bedroom with the girls, portable DVD player and movies.

Enjoy your day. Think of Supermom sick taking care of two sick kids. :)


Maggie said…
I hope you guys get better soon!! Ugh, I hate being sick!!

If it makes you feel any better, I'll be folding our own Mt. Everest tonight, as well!! =S We never seem to get ahead of laundry at our house! *sigh*
Mrs Furious said…
Feel better. I'm in the same spot. It's rough.
Debbie said…
I've been sick since Friday and feel terrible but at least my kids are well. My sympathies to you.
Monkey's Momma said…
Yuck! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I really wish we could have met up with you in Asheville, but Hubby was in a hurry to go on to his family's house (can't blame him-it had been two years since we had seen them).
Supermom said…
Thank you for all the well wishes. Instead of feeling like a semi truck run over me, I feel more like a compact car did.