I am Supermom!

I am Supermom. I have been calling myself that on my blogs for about 4 years now. LOL

This proves why:

My Target list.

The List

I didn't get anything that WASN'T ON THE LIST! I didn't get H any shoes or me a nightgown. I guess I'll have to venture to Belk's on Saturday for those 2 items. I am really proud of myself and the kids. We sat down before we left the house and made our list. I told them if it's not on list then we aren't getting it. See the note at the bottom of my list? Cute huh?

Here's a picture taken at Chuck E Cheese:

Chuck E Cheese

My daughter is a real beauty. She gets that from me. :)

For your viewing pleasure I played around with my Superhero Book. I opened up the cape and even made myself a LOGO! No laughing. Well, unless it's a laugh with me laugh.


Here I am posing with the cape, magic wrist bands and my logo. Lil O thought I should hold her pink wand as well. I guess that would make me a Supermom Fairy??



Mary said…
You really are super mom, no costume needed! Beautiful pic of you and your daughter. Glad you had a nice day.
Debbie said…
I have trained my kids that if it isn't on the list - it won't get bought!
Supermom said…
Well, Debbie that is my new MOTTO now!

Maybe someone will embroider that on a pillow for me.

Michelle :)