Home alone with four kids.

Things to keep them busy and me sane.

~Find a movie to let them sit on the couch.

~Lock them outside with plenty of snacks and water.

~(If weather gets bad) Hook up the TV and old XBOX in the basement. Along with refreshments.

Okay okay, none of those will work soooooooooooooooooooooooo

we are going to Chuck E Cheese.

Yes, you did hear me correctly. Chuck E Cheese. I found some decent coupons online a minute ago so that is a PLUS. My grandmother will be going as well. She enjoys that place as much as the kids do. She racks up on the tickets!

Then the Compacting Test will begin. I have to go to Target to buy diapers and wipes. The goal to only buy diapers, wipes, wet swiffers, socks for H and look at the shoes for H & B2.

NOTHING ELSE WILL ENTER MY WAGON!!!!! (Cart, buggy or whatever you may call it.)

Seriously I can do this. No bargain shopping, impulse shopping or the DOLLAR BINS!!!!! I am going to sit down with the kids and make a list and there will be nothing else added! It's time for them to see a Compacting Mommy at work.

I hope that everyone gets out to vote today if you haven't already. Voting is very important and our right as an American. Go VOTE! Your voice does matter and should be heard.

Okay, enough chit chat for now.

PS. I have added a couple more ads to the page. I added a couple Amazon ones. We shop at Amazon all the time it seems. They have great deals if you happen to know where to find them. Superdad bought my AWESOME vacuum there. Rated one of the best in Consumer Reports. Even better than the Dyson and a FRACTION of the price. It's a Hoover Canister and doesn't have a bag to change. Anyway...

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


Tammy said…
$20 says she buys more then she went for... its gonna be something she forgot she needed ....it always is

now pay up
Supermom said…
HA HA!! You lose. SO do I get the 20.00?

I love you!
Michelle :)
Maggie said…
My boys love that place!!