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Guess Who's Back??

Well is sure isn't that hottie Eminem.

Yes, he wears BOOTIES!!!!!

Remember this?

Down feathers

Okay, I just had to purchase a Flickr Pro account because I had reached my limit (many many months ago). I went to look for the down feather picture and it was gone because they only let you show so many pictures. SO, I had to purchase an account for twenty something to see all my pictures. Now I get to play with that to see the perks of having an account.

Must go finish VACUUMING the feathers up. Lil O and I have the music on and LOUD. We are listening to Low Rider right now. Adios!

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


Debbie said...

I think those would somehow disappear at my house.

carrie said...

Hey! I think we have a pillow that does that!

Supermom said...

Debbie--He's had them for over 30 years. HE TELLS ME THAT ALL THE TIME.

I have tried to throw them away and just cannot do it!!! POUT

Carrie--LOL, OMGoodness!!!!

Maybe one day I can get rid of them.
Michelle :)