Grandma Works The Poles

Okay, not exactly. Not that kind of pole anyway.

Grandma works the polls. We went to vote this morning. I'd show you my sticker but it's on the shirt I wore this morning. I was so glad to mark in the circles and cast my vote.

Then we hit the grocery store. We spent 155.00 on fruit, veggies, cheeses, baby food, cereal, dried beans & lentils, granola, milk and other things I cannot remember. All organic of course. I threw together a menu. Homemade bean burgers. Tuna pasta with manchego cheese. Fried rice with green beans. Salmon loaf. Veggie night. Quiche with spinach salad. I will be having chicken one night but will pick up one already cooked at the Fresh Market.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?? It seems like everyone is in a foul mood here at our house. Well, everyone but H, B2 and Baby M.

I have laid around the house all afternoon. Lil O went outside with her daddy. I played Scatagories with B2.

I hope that everyone has a great Saturday night.

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.