BREAKING NEWS! Local Mom goes on STRIKE!

Will her family meet her demands????

In our interview this morning with Supermom she seemed a bit distracted. Baby M was screaming in her bouncy seat and Lil O was playing dress up. Supermom was sipping on her coffee trying to wake up.

This is what Supermom had to say,

"I am on strike. I don't ask much around here. Put YOUR own clothes away. Make sure YOUR dirty clothes find the laundry basket. No SHOES worn upstairs. Basically I just want my family to clean up after THEMSELVES. I have to remind the kids that I just live here and I am NOT THE MAID!

I have mentioned before that I don't unload the dishwasher or wash windows. It's just not my thing. That's why the windows are filthy and the sink is full of dirty dishes.

So, as of now, no cooking, cleaning or laundry until the dishwasher can be unloaded in a timely manner. THE MOMENT THE LIGHT COMES ON."

Our cameraman offered to unload the dishwasher for her since she was obviously distraught about the situation.

There you have it. Will Supermom make her point or will she hire a MAID?


Debbie said…
If you can get this to work, I will join your strike! We don't have to stand out in the cold or anything, do we?
Mary said…
I'll wholeheartedly support your strike. I may stage one of my own if my kids can't just make their beds! I don't ask for hospital corners or anything. I just want the sheets and covers to be ON the bed. Geez.
Supermom said…

How about a nice spa setting drinking coffee or the drink of your choice.

Michelle :)
Anonymous said…
I'm too chicken to say who I am lol
no no I'm not her....honest I'm not her
but thinks supermoms ocd will get the best of her before her family caves