Awwww, you are too kind. The check is in the mail.

I was forced to do this since a fellow blogger did! All I can say is, Thank you MyHeritage. You are toooooo kind! Ummm, who is Meredith Monroe anyway????


Monkey's Momma said…
I did that once too!
Debbie said…
I regret to inform you that you and "fellow blogger" can longer be friends. I refuse to be friends with someone who so obviously rigged that site, paid them off, or substituted beautiful women's photos for the ones they gave you. Have you no shame? Where is your Carl Sagan?
Cute - and Meredith Monroe is from Dawson's Creek fame, but also has been on Criminal Minds!
Supermom said…
~laughing hysterically~

Ahhh, that's why I don't know of her.

Michelle :)