The Adventures of Supermom writes a post.

I am on cup of coffee number 2. Baby M is sleeping. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Lil O is walking around in a dress and play shoes!!!

So sorry to rant yesterday. That is what a blog is for though. Today I woke up with a new attitude and will not lose my temper, raise my voice or whatever else I do when I have HAD ENOUGH. I also promise to not throw the TV remote control anymore. ~innocent doe eyed look here~

I am so enjoying this Fall weather and now that it is NOVEMBER I am even more psyched!!! I am cooking a WHOLE Thanksgiving meal this year!!!! Just call me Martha Stewart. If you know me on a personal level then you know Thanksgiving is my all time FAVORITE holiday. Not counting birthday or anniversary. Thanksgiving is time spent with family without the STRESS of BUYING, BUYING and BUYING at Christmas. I totally think and know you can enjoy Christmas without maxing your credit cards and spending all the cash in the bank. It's not about the BIGGEST gift you can buy but the thought that counts. I am not being cheesy just honest!

I know when there are kids in the house the rules tend to change a bit. Plus with TV all about those damn commercials aimed at kids to WANT WANT WANT!!!! UGH!!!!

I have told the kids the difference between WANTS AND NEEDS. Going to Target really helped with showing them the difference. I was really proud of myself to come out of Target with NO impulse buying and no DOLLAR bin shopping.

Months ago I already told the kids that this year will be different. They can make me a list and 3-4 things will be purchased. No gift buying to just have all these pretty presents under the tree. Another new rule will be "THE ONLY PERSON GETTING A SANTA GIFT IS THE ONE THAT BELIEVES IN SANTA!". I am not sure how I will get this accomplished but where there's a will there is a way. I also told them the money we would be saving would go to our Disney trip. We are already planning our next trip to Disney with all the kids. I didn't want them to feel sad about the Holiday changes so I wanted to give them something to look forward too. Going to Disney is something we all enjoyed 2 years ago when we were there so now they can focus on the PRIZE at the end!!!!

I am sooo looking forward to Disney again. :) We all are.


~Insert dirty words here~

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


Maggie said…
I love Thanksgiving too! Good luck w/ cooking the whole meal!! We just do 1 or 2 dishes and meet up at my Dad's house. Only thing I don't like about that is, I don't get near as many left overs that way. =(

We LOVE Disney, too!! I can't wait to plan our next trip - but we really want to wait until our little one will actually remember the trip. Will be a few years, yet.
Mrs Furious said…
Hey maybe we'll go to Disney when you do. I'm really missing it this year. But my goal is to actually plan and set aside for it for next year.
Supermom said…
Said in a trance "Thanksgiving!!!"

Yeah, I understand Maggie. We are waiting for Baby M to get to the age Lil O was when we went the last time. Lil O enjoyed everything!!! I know she doesn't remember it but I want to go with my 2 older kids before they think I am a lame parent wanting to take them to Disney.

Mrs Furious ~ Hmmmmmm, that would be exciting! I do hope you go when we go!!

Michelle :)