Adding to Thanksgiving

$24.40 + $40.00 + $26.31 + $90.71

Today I added 8 ears of fresh corn, 2 garlic bulbs, carrots, celery, 3 onions, pecans, sweet potatoes and gallon size freezer bags.

The gallon size bags are for the homemade yeast rolls I am going to make. I have decided to make them on Wednesday because this process with take HOURS. The dough has to rest and rise SO MANY TIMES! The recipe says they can be made ahead of time them put in the oven to warm them up.

What's left to buy:

fresh thyme, heavy cream and the turkey breast


Jennifer Saylor said…
I wish we were neighbors so I could give you some of my lovely fresh thyme!
Supermom said…
Me too Jennifer!!

Are you making the trip to TN for the holidays?
Helene said…
Okay, so what time should we be over for dinner on Thursdsay??!! The homemade rolls sound like they'll be super yummy!! I've never had any luck making yeast breads...they never rise properly!!

I had to laugh about your crush on Gordon Ramsay...I find him super sexy for some reason!