Who got a breast exam last night?

Be honest!!!

Who watched the video with their significant other and let them do your breast exam???? I really loved the whole idea of the video!!!! Why hasn't someone thought of this before??

Sadly, I didn't get a breast cancer exam last night BUT it is on my list of things to do before the weekend is up. Along with cut my husbands hair, grocery shop, watch them take the shingles off the house, take care of the babies and try to enjoy the weekend!

Okay, off to enjoy the weekend.

Go feel your boobies or LET SOMEONE else feel them. You have my permission. :)


Spaceofgrace said…
My mom just finished going through radiation for breast cancer. Glad you posted this. Thanks
Mary said…
Let someone else feel them! You crack me up.
Supermom said…
I say whatever works. You feel them or they feel them. Gets the job done. :)