Twitter Tag--6 Questions You Do Not Know About Me.

Which is DAMN near impossible since I blog about everything about me. I will try to surprise you and make you ahhhh in amazement though.

Monica Brand tagged me last night while I was passed out due to cold medicine, drooling all over the couch! I wasn't able to complete it last night so I am going to do it now while I enjoy my HOT cup of coffee.


6 Things No One Knows About Me:
~My private parts have names. HA HA! Long ago the topic came up at work. We were bored and well, I made them names. You ready to hear? Bennie and The Jets. I don't think anyone really knows this fact about me. Anyone online that is. Until now. ~hanging head~

THIS IS HARD!! I cannot think of ANYTHING to tell you about me.

~I detest DRAMA. I think people that need drama around them are insecure with their life and well the attention gets them off. Make sense? I enjoy being a boring house wife that takes care of her 4 kids and her loving husband. No drama here except what the 14 year old brings and she is supposed too have it because, well she is 14 after all.

~I accidentally scratched the mini van mirror one day while pulling into the garage. I even bought touch up paint and fixed it myself. Now my husband will know because I am posting it here. HA HA

~I don't like someone to read to me. I totally tune them out and only hear blah blah blah. I get more out of something if I am able to READ it myself.

~People eating off my plate BOTHER me. I have posted this before but thought I would again. Seriously, if I am eating don't touch the plate. You want to try something, ask first. When I am finished, help yourself. Until then beware I might stab you with my fork if your hand gets to close to my plate!

How many does that make? Okay, one more.

~I don't like mushrooms. It's a texture thing. Cannot eat them. I have no problem cooking them for my husband but I will not eat them.

Okay, you are supposed to tag 6 tweets to do it next. I am just going to post it on twitter that I am finished and who ever reads this blog---YOU'RE NEXT!!! Let me know when you complete this so I can see your 6 dirty secrets.


funwithAandJ said…
Crap! Do I have to post 6 things on my blog now? I too am a cooked mushroom hater. I like them raw in salads though. That minivan thing cracked me up -- been there.
Supermom said…
uh huh, you're it!

Tell me when you get your answers up.
Helene said…
As always, you crack me up!! And I so needed that tonight!

I'm the same way about people eating off my plate. My mom always does that when we're out eating drives me nuts. If she asked, fine..but she just digs right in without asking, after she's already ordered just a salad b/c she's "not very hungry"...yeah, but then she eats all MY food.

BTW, love the 80's hair!!! I remember those days!
hey, why picking on the poor defenseless mushroom? Just had some this am with my scrambled eggs. Yummy! You girls are missing out.