Tonight is Grey's Anatomy!

Which is what I need I suppose. This morning I got up pretty early and took Lil O and Baby M to a Halloween party at Growing Young Cafe. It is a very kid friendly place in the area and they are mentioned on Kid Friendly Asheville all the time. If you live local and have young kids go to Growing Young Cafe. :)

Sooo, tomorrow is Halloween and we are trying to come up with a plan. I really don't want to go trick-or-treating but Lil O wants to go now. I was hoping to get out of it. Lil O is going to be a cowgirl and Baby M is a fat pumpkin. I am going as Supermom. Really I am. I have a cape that came with my Superhero book.

Supermom* Starter Kit

I can wear that pretty red cape and be Supermom. Oh wait, I am Supermom every day. :)

I am not sure what B2 is going to be. I told him he could go through all the Halloween costumes and come up with something. I also told H that since she is in high school that she is toooooo old to trick-or-treat. At what age is it time to stop trick-or-treating? I told her she could help with Lil O and of course have her candy. We are really lucky that Lil O doesn't know that much about candy. It's just a special treat. As it should be.

Okay, I have a kick butt headache. I am going to veg on the couch and maybe try to nap it off.


sunday said…
So I ask Tonya today if KFA was at growing young and she said yes. I was like really! and she said yeah, she also goes by supermom!!! I had no idea, you are KFA! and you were at the cafe. I wish that I knew. That was so much fun today. Those babies in their outfits were too much, I am still laughing!
Maggie said…
You've been BOO'd!! =)
Supermom said…
Ha Ha. Yes I was there this morning with the cowgirl and sleeping pumpkin.

I try to keep Supermom and KFA seperate.

I hope you have a nice weekend.