Today I am making changes.

I can no longer be all, DO ALL, get it done Mommy.

It is too much and driving me back into a depression. I am going to sit down and write things that need to be done and delegate them out. You know like UNLOAD THE DISHWASHER every time they are clean, CLEAN UP YOUR OWN ROOM, PICK UP after yourself (IE: YOUR clothes, YOUR stuff and anything else that is YOURS and not where it belongs, dust and other various chores. My kids used to very helpful when I had a chore chart for them. Now when I ask H to help her excuse is always homework. B2 will help but WHINE while doing it. Lil O is my biggest helper EXCEPT when it comes to picking up her OWN toys. She will set the table and even try to dust but you ask her to pick up her OWN toys and she ignores you. Superdad helps but mostly when he is asked.I know he works a job M-F BUT I can honestly say my job is more physical hand on wear you down work.

For moms it's about "how much can I multitask?'.

Well, no more!!

Usually in the morning I do a run through of all the rooms. Pick up and tidy the bed type thing. Now B2 is good at doing this himself before school. He makes the bed and such all by his 10 year old self. That's my boy-scout!

Now hormonal teen is another story. OMG, chaos is what I call her room. SO this morning I walked out my bedroom door and looked to the right to see hers and you know what I do??


Change is hard but it had to be done. IT had to be done for me. That's life and now I am going to live mine a bit more for me instead of be a slave to housework.

PS. No one ever has to pick up after me. :)


Anonymous said…
The fun things about being a mom:) Good for you--close the door.

Why is it that kids can be helpful doing 'other chores' but not when it comes to picking up their own stuff?
Mary said…
Atta girl! I am in total agreement with you. It's too stressful to try to do it all. I always tell my kids, "I'm only one person."
Anonymous said…
I have two teenage boys and their rooms are frightening. I no longer nag. I just don't go in there. The biggest stress reliever for me was when I quit taking responsibility for collecting their dirty clothes. I wash the clothes in the hamper. If the boys can't get them into the hamper, they can just wear dirty clothes. I'll just stand up wind!
Spaceofgrace said…
HUGS HUGS HUGS... I can SO relate and have really struggled with depression (some days also known as "mom syndrome"), even PPD. I have started blogging about scheduling to share what I've learned about a realistic and godly life, and encourage moms to know the "light burden" that Jesus promised and has given us. Thanks for being so open.
Supermom said…
Thanks to all these wonderful comments!!!!! I always say, "Being a teenage daughter is hard but being a parent is HARDER." That goes for lots of things.

A mom that stays at home tends to get in a cycle. Must keep house clean. Must do all laundry. Must do do do do do...

Since I have been dealing with PPD and then stopped taking my meds weeks ago, I am trying to stay upbeat and loving. LOL

I haven't locked them outside just yet. Or put them on ebay.

I love what Mary said, "I'm only one person".

SO true.....

HA HA Stand up wind. I love that! I LOL on that one. :)

Thanks spaceofgrace. I owe part of this to you. I was reading your blog last night after a very rough and trying day and realized I love my family and doing for them BUT to keep my sanity I have to change.

I hope you wonderful women have a wonderful day. Thank you for being there for my day.