Time To Feel Your Boobs OR Let Someone Else Feel Them For You.

I got the best comment today!!! Tessa let me give you a hug or buy you a cup of coffee. Or I can send you a monthly reminder about getting a breast exam. You pick!

Tessa said...


first off, I love your blog and read it religiously. First time I've commented though because I think the issue of breast cancer is a big one and one that everyone, blog owner, site owner, regular person alike.

At Howcast, we've taken a different approach - trying to target a younger audience and educate them about breast examinations. Our approach was to make it a bit more "edgy" and turn it into a partner sport to make people watch the vid and be aware of the issue. it's slightly NSFW because it details the exam, but has great info: http://www.howcast.com/videos/8195-How-To-Do-a-Breast-Exam-on-Your-Girlfriend

Keep up the good work both on being a mom and raising the awareness.

October 3, 2008 9:41 AM

Sniffle. Someone admitted to religiously reading my blog that wasn't related to me. I need a moment to enjoy this moment. Thank you Tessa. I went to watch the video and I think it ROCKS!!!! It is a great wonderful fabulous idea. I am sure the boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends won't mind a bit either!! I like the video so much I am going to post it here!!

No minors around please. This is adult content and should be treated as such.

Soooo, time to feel your boobies or let your significant other feel them for you!


Tessa said…
I'm glad you liked the video and hey, touch 'em yourself or let 'em be touched!

Seriously though I'm flattered you posted it! (and see I really am a loyal reader;) )