I thought today was never going to get here!

I have been on the Compacting Quest in our house. I told everyone my plan last night. More like my vision with it. My 14 year old wasn't happy and left the dinner table in a sour mood.

Again, I told them about everything going on and how there is LOTS of room for improvement in our house. I talked about the difference between WANTS and NEEDS. Yes, you need a new pair of jeans or socks--no problem. You see a neat top with 40 at home--no, you can do without. I know it's hard from them to understand. We all need to be in this together. My husband admitted he wouldn't be able to not buy magazines and books for a year. Maybe make a magazine book budget and stick to it. Which is okay I guess because there are things I wouldn't be able to do without as well. Like my Blackberry. It raised our cell phone bill an extra 30.00 a month but I am able to spend less time on the computer than before. However, I do have to update my blogs on the big computer.

I joined freecycle yesterday and once I get my ducks in a row I will be posting somethings on there and craigslist. There is so much in our basement that can go bye bye. I am all for giving away. I want to go through the house. Using the clean out the closet method.

"Will I use this in 6 months? No, then LET IT GO!"

Sounds kind of catchy huh?

So right now, this very instant, I am going to set an example to my children and my husband.

~I will no longer buy buy and buy some more. Not that I ever really did. I promise to not buy anything on a whim. If I really need something--then I will find the lowest price.

~I will not go to Target to just have something to do. I can just get out the play-doh and let the kids play at home.

~I will work on my meal planning and work on a cheaper way to prepare foods. I will not give up organic though. We are firm about that. I can make our food budget last longer.

~Eating out. No more eating out due to being tired and not wanting to cook. There is always something to cook in this house. It may take a joint effort and everyone joining in to prepare an easy meal. I will not say NO MORE EATING OUT. It is a treat and should be treated as one. I do think that ALL lunches should be at home. Sandwich, soup or leftovers from previous meal.

Okay, I am going to make a cup of coffee and plan on cleaning house. Tomorrow is Game Night and I have so much to do. Tomorrow I am going to get up and clean the house then make the Spinach Artichoke Dip and Snack Mix. I am excited to see everyone. :)

Have a lovely night and fabulous weekend.


Mon said…
I admire your resolve, especially with the challenge of a teenager.

I was thinking about this aspect and I thought of something that might be an incentive for future efforts.
What do you think of the idea to put aside the money that would usually have been spent by Mr 14, and treating the family to a day out together, or whatever works for you all? Perhaps seeing that not spending on stuff can mean more fun treats, might win him round.
And you could either mention this up front or leave it as a nice surprise, after a month of compacting, or whatever.
Mon said…
Oh yeah, I tagged you btw: green meme
Monkey's Momma said…
When we get back from our trip, we are going to start compacting too!
Maggie said…
My husband is the pack rat in our family. He would keep ANYTHING and EVERYTHING if I let him. Thank goodness he is married to a woman that is the exact opposite, or we'd have a serious storage issue. LOL

I like the resolve ideas... we need to adopt some of those, starting with re-evaluating WANT and NEED. =) Good for you for taking that first step!!