Supermom, that's ME, is featured in a book!

My son B2 wrote a book at school. I AM IN IT!! HE EVEN DREW A PICTURE BY HIMSELF. ~snicker, I didn't say WHAT book I was featured in, now did I?~

His book was about time travel and meeting a pirate. As you know we are HUGE Doctor Who fans!!!! I took a picture of me in the book to show you.

Supermom-Thats a picture of me.

Don't I look AWESOME!?!?!?!?!? He apologized that I had long hair but he had trouble drawing me with super short spikey hair! I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU B2!!! You are my hero!! I love you.

Are there any Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans out there??? I never knew about the radio show until I met my husband. He has introduced me to some great things and he continues to do so. I have listened to the whole BBC version of Hitchhikers on many road trips!!! Then we went to see the movie. So now I am going to read this:


His brother brought the book by here today and I am snagging it to read.


Debbie said…
First you are on another site and now in a book. What's next- a feature film?
Mrs Furious said…
Oh hilarious I totally got snagged by the headline!
Spaceofgrace said…
Love it!!! The best kind of book to be in... precious! :-)
Supermom said…
Debbie- HA HA!!! Hmmm, now who could play my roll??

I do enjoy being in a book that my son made up. :)

Anonymous said…
Huge fan!It is great! The book and radio show are better than the movie.BookS actually, 5. As he said, "a trilogy in four parts".