I think I am caught up on new comments. I always comment back on the post that you left a comment on.

I just wanted my readers to know that I do care what you have to say and I DO take the time to read and reply to them all!

Without you I'd just be talking to myself.

Supermom :)


Monkey's Momma said…
Hi Michelle! Guess what? We are driving to North Carolina next week to visit our family. They live near Fayetville/Fort Bragg. We will be driving through Asheville on I-40, so I have been reading your other blog to get some ideas for places to stop. It will be just an overnight stay, but Hubs has promised that if I can find some places to take some awesome pics, he will take me there. Any ideas?
Supermom said…

There are LOTS you can do!!!!!

The parkway--the leaves will be all colors!

The Biltmore House. (A bit pricey)

Downtown Asheville has an assortment of GREAT places to eat and shops!

Fun Depot is a great INDOOR play place for kids!!! If you have time, its FUN!!!

I'll think of more and let you know!!!

Michelle :)