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More boobie talk.


Those are just for decoration. They don't do anything like mommy's.


O told Superdad, "The baby doesn't have hair and Daddy doesn't have hair."

Thankfully I think the hair gene comes from the mother because I have a headfull. Well, I would if I didn't keep it super short.

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carrie said...

Just for decoration . . . oh, I love that line!

Debbie said...

Now if most women just realized they weren't for decoration! I get tired of seeing their decorations every day.

Supermom said...

Yeah I do too!

Just for decoration. Kind of like the pillows in the couch and the nice towels??? HA HA!! I humor myself pretty well!

Debbie, I agree. I always keep mine put up yanno. No one else needs to see them! Geesh!!

Michelle :)