I Heart Richard Dawson.

Here recently my husband has been watching Hogan's Heroes on the weekends because it is on the HD channel. Sounds just like a man doesn't it?

Richard Dawson is such a cutie. Plus we all know how I feel about British men. HA HA!!!! I have been reading all sorts of things to learn more about him. But not stalker-ish reading...lol I read that he met his wife on Family Feud. How cool is that?!?! They are still married and have a daughter I believe.

I remember watching him on the Family Feud thinking,

"That old perv kissing E V E R Y single woman on the show".

Now my opinion has changed.
Richard Dawson, how about a kiss my way???

Isn't he just adorable in this picture?? With his blue hat on....

So if you are reading this and know Richard Dawson, have a friend that knows him or your friend has a friend that knows him, please pass this along! I want a smooch!!! :)

I Heart Richard Dawson!


Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been doing this and that. My therapist did squeeze me in today! So, I look all pretty now with my hair cut. Thank you!!!!!!

I am thinking about putting my daughter into a private school. Does anyone want to donate to the cause????

Okay, time to do more of this and that. :)


Debbie said…
Hey - I'm already in the donation line for the two upcoming college tuitions. No fair cutting line!!