I have a Thanksgiving Feast on my mind...

I cannot help it. I LOVE THANKSGIVING! It is my favorite holiday ever. Besides birthdays and my anniversary. I like it even more than the dreaded gift buying must buy lots of things for no reason Christmas.

I have decided that this year I am taking the plunge. I am going to cook a WHOLE Thanksgiving dinner by myself. Well, I will have 4 children and 1 husband helping. We can do it!!!

I already am working on a menu. I am such a GOOBER!!!

Superdad is a magazine freak! If you know him then you already know this. If you have been to our house before this summer and all the magazines were boxed up for a play area, then you have seen all the magazines. I will say that he has introduced me to some pretty cool magazines and some aren't even in print anymore.

The new Cook's Illustrated came in the mail. Superdad loves this magazine. I even gave him a subscription for our 1 year anniversary since paper was the gift of choice. I enjoy reading it too. Sadly I haven't really wanted to try many of the recipes UNTIL now.

My Thanksgiving Menu:

~Roast Turkey from Nov Dec 2008 Cooks Illustrated
~Sauteed Green Beans from Nov Dec 2008 Cooks Illustrated (maybe)
~Dinner Rolls from the Nov Dec 2008 Cooks Illustrated
~Pumpkin Pie from the Nov Dec 2008 Cooks Illustrated

More of the menu NOT found in the magazine:

~Broccoli Casserole
~Mac & Cheese
~Deviled Eggs
~Dressing--my grandmothers recipe. OMG it's the best you will ever eat and YES I can guarantee that.

I am sure the menu will be added to and things marked off and added back closer to time! I am EXCITED!!!!!! So, if you are in the area and want a nice home cooked meal--email me. :)

Thanksgiving is about fellowship!!

What are your plans today???

Obama is in my town as I type this and will be speaking later today. I am not going to go because I know it will be CRAZY! Go OBAMA!!!!!

My plans to today include working on Kid Friendly Asheville. I have to DEVOTE more time to it to make it the website I dream of. Finish picking up. Listen to my husband remove more shingles before they put the new ones on this coming week. Play with Ollie and Mads of course. H & B2 will be home this afternoon. :)

Have a fabulous Sunday!!!


Spaceofgrace said…
Yum! Thanksgiving! I love turkey, potato pie (I should blog that recipe - its awesome!), and lots of gravvvvy!
Supermom said…
Hmmmm, like Shepherds Pie?