I am thankful it is FINALLY FRIDAY!

~dusting off my Supermom Cape and straightening myself up a bit~

Sorry about my rough day yesterday. Superdad got one of the computers running for me. He said the router died. I am sure I could talk the kids into putting it into a shoebox and burying it in the backyard. We could make it a mini tombstone to say "Our Dear Friend, who lets us connect to the outside world".

The roofers are finished thankfully! I seriously thought I was going to go postal if I heard anymore hammering. Not to mention the 3 year old that laughs in the face of authority which happens to be MY face.

I am having trouble making a decision. My oldest is 14, a freshman in high school. Tonight is homecoming. Even a dance that lasts until midnight. I am thinking "YEAH RIGHT" to that one. I know that homecoming if more for Seniors and such. Naming the King and Queen... Since hormonal teen is just a freshman, is it really necessary for her to be at a dance UNSUPERVISED with all those upper class men? Hmmmmm???? Tell me your opinion.

B2 has chess club today. He is prepping for a chess tournament at another school. I never learned how to play chess. I am impressed that he has been playing it for I guess half his life. I want to make me a tee shirt that says,
"My son beats your son at chess". HA HA Okay, better not.

I have Ollie and Mads entertaining each other at the moment so I can type this up real quick. I was up until 1 am working on Kid Friendly Asheville posts. It is starting to take off and I am getting great emails of things people would like me to post. So, last night I typed it all up and scheduled it to post when it needed to post. I am handy like that. :)

I am playing some nice relaxing music....The Girl From Ipanema.

Okay, Mads heard me type out her name and now she wants me. I am always in demand!!!

Have a great Friday and send me a comment on your weekend plans.


JD said…
I think you should let her go to the dance. It's a school function and her friends are bound to be going as well. I'm also going to assume that since its a school function that there will be chaperones in the form of parents/teaching staff. And as for those older boys? They see her everyday anyway so if they want to make contact they dont need a dance to do so!
Supermom said…
but but but

she is in a freshman academy so no she doesn't see upper classmen. lol

Jen said…
Really she grows them just to make us jealous lol...but if she has good friends that you trust her with, chances are she will be fine at the dance. we had dances at my school in 5th grade (5-8th were allowed to attend-granted they were until like 10pm but at 5th grade thats big stuff!).

Anything bad that goes on usually happens after the school sponsored party (think after-party boozefests). so just tell her you'll be picking her up at 12 sharp!

Obviously you know her better, so base it on trust and let her know that if she messes up, this is going to be the LAST function of that type she attends.
Spaceofgrace said…
Funny lady :) Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today. I say about your daughter... do what YOU are comfortable with - that's your job. And if she pouts, thats ok, thats her job. LOL. Weekend plans? Umm... oh dear, birthday party for a 7yo boy - gotta go buy a gift.
see ya supermom :)
Mrs Furious said…

I, of course, wouldn't want my girls to go... but... you'll probably endure quite a wrath if you don't let her go.

Good luck!
Supermom said…
I am glad to entertain you! Ha Ha. Just wanted to update that hormonal teen isn't going to homecoming and she isn't stressed about it. My guess is the boy she wanted to see isn't going either. Uh huh.

Have a great weekend!
Laurie said…
Great blog! So did you let her go to the dance?
Brenda Jean said…
Hey, my boys are went to homecoming tonight! Their dance was 8 to 11 pm, and they are very supervised. They can't leave the dance while there--even the older kids--I mean leave and come back in. They have chaperones and things are watched pretty carefully. My husband is picking them up right now. I'm SOOOOOOO tired, but I want to hear how things went. I'm in denial right now that they aren't still 5 years old. So, how did your daughter's go?
Brenda Jean said…
Guess I should have read all the comments-- I saw that she didn't go. Well, I said I was tired. Apparently I can't read as well.