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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

I am in a very grouchy mood. This is a warning.

Our internet is not working and I really needed to work on my other blog, Kid Friendly Asheville.

The 2 sick kids are back at school today. Their strep tests came back negative.

To top things off the roofers just showed up to bang some more on the roof.

I am barely hanging on. Like I am slowly drowning with anxiety.

Sent from my Blackberry as I try to keep my happy face on.


Spaceofgrace said...

OH HUGS! I am saying a prayer for you. I can totally relate to those feelings. The "super" in "supermom" comes from God... if you are a bible reader, go to Isaiah 40:11 - He gently leads those that have young.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I feel for you!

I went to Health Adventure today... it's pretty good... thinking of having Kid's b'day party there.

Supermom said...

Thank you for the comment. I read Isaiah. Instead of gently leading I wish he'd draw me a map and pull me along to where I belong. I pray for patience many times during the day. TY. Michelle

Supermom said...

I am glad you enjoyed it! I remembered going there once with the school for my oldest. My daughter had to remind me. I am losing my memory. lol. I also went to a wedding reception there. That was cool.

How r things?

Helene said...

I'm so sorry you're having "one of those days". I've been there a couple times myself this week! Hope things get better for you soon!

Debbie said...

You need some chocolate - QUICK!

Supermom said...

Where's my chocolate Debbie???


Actually I needed to eat 3/4 of a pizza last night and a Corona. At least the beer was light, right?


Michelle :)