I am glad tomorrow is November 1

Today has been a crap day. Well, most of it anyway. Lil O had a tantrum that lasted over an hour. I just know my neighbors think I am abusing her. I promise I haven't touched her. I did raise my voice and shout NO a couple of times. To calm down I went to my bedroom with Baby M and let her cry it out in the living room. Eventually she made her way back there and crawled in bed with me and went to sleep.

I think maybe I am an awful mommy. I try my best to be patient with her. She is sooooo trying my patience though. Nothing I say or do helps when she gets this way. It is very frustrating.

So we ended up not going trick-or-treating tonight. She wasn't having it. My two oldest kids went to a fall festival while me and the babies stayed home. My sis even came over to try to get Lil O out of the house but she wasn't falling for it.

I just put Baby M to bed and I have demanded about 5 Spongebob's on TV. I am ready to turn in myself but she is WIDE awake. Of course.

At least she was able to enjoy yesterday at Growing Young Cafe in her costume.

My other blog Kid Friendly Asheville was approved for BlogHer ads so I am excited to see all this great progress for my new venture. I was really excited about starting KFA then I became worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew as they say. Tomorrow I have to devote a GOOD HOUR to typing up posts for KFA! I accidentally changed the layout for KFA the other day, what do you think about it???? I was really upset about the change and I admit cried a few tears. I guess I am okay with the change. I want to work on adding some color to the sidebar and then I think I'll leave it alone.

Okay I hope that everyone had a better night than I did. November 1 is my sister's wedding anniversary. So,

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. I totally failed at the food challenge. With things being so crazy I have broken down and made a grocery list. A very small grocery list but one nonetheless. I am sorry I didn't do my best at something. Maybe next time. :)

Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


Lori said…
You are not alone on this. Our house is close to our neighbors and I'm convinced that they think I'm abusive. My 3 year old son is so hopped up on a candy hangover that he has been having a morning-long tantrum today, and I know my neighbors can probably hear it through our closed windows. My husband just took him to Target to trade him his candy for a new toy, I hope it works. The house is finally quiet and the baby stayed asleep through the screaming and whining. Nothing short of a miracle!!!!
Helene said…
OMG, how funny that you mention that about your neighbors!! Our neighbor on our right has his office on the same side of his house as our family room. I always have our windows open and he always has his office window open. I'm convinced he can hear us when we yell at the kids. He hasn't stopped talking to us yet or saying hi at the mailbox so he's either deafer than I thought or he just feels sorry for me!
shybbyblue2 said…
Thank You for remembering me. I'm so lucky to have you as my sister! Love,Melissa
Supermom said…
THANK GOD I am not alone thinking my neighbors think I am an awful screaming mom!

Thanks Lil SIS!!!
I am lucky to have you, I think. LOL

Michelle :)
Anonymous said…
hi, new to the site, thanks.