Happy 6 Month Birthday Baby M.

Today my little itty bitty baby turns 6 months old. I was trying to come up with something perfect to show our love for this great present we received 6 months ago. So I made a slide show. Starting at one of our first pictures of Baby M, my beautiful growing belly, and leading up to today. The last picture is right after she sat up all by herself this week!

Happy 6 Months Birthday to YOU!!!

We love you Baby M.
Daddy, Mommy, Big Sister H, Big Brother B2 and Big Sister Lil O.


Lori said…
Great slideshow! Thank you for sharing it. My youngest boy is almost 8 months and the 6 month milestone was big for me too. We were also told that he might have down syndrome, but the chances were only slight. Of course we worried anyway. Thanks again.
Mary said…
So beautiful. She's sitting up? How fun. Brady's 7 months now and won't sit by himself. I say won't because I think he could, but he's stubborn like his dad!
Supermom said…
Thank you!

It was fun going through 100's of pictures. I even went back last night and deleted a BUNCH that was in the slide show. LOL

Yes, sitting up by herself. Its so great to watch her back up from her crawling position into a sitting one. I want to say, "beep beep, wide load coming through".

Michelle :)
Willow said…
That slideshow is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time! Your family is so obviously loved and cherished! Thanks for sharing!
Monkey's Momma said…
That was beautiful. I cried when I saw the one of you holding her right after she was born. How very precious! Brought back some awesome memories for me. All of your children are beautiful, but you are going to be beating the boys off with a stick with your teenage daughter, if you aren't already!
Spaceofgrace said…
Fantastic! What a great slideshow. How precious he is :) I love the one of you pregnant on the bed with your three kids around you. And yes the one of you and baby newborn. And the black and white... and... lol. I like them all!
Supermom said…
Awww shucks. Thank you Thank you!!!

Let me tell you about the people in the pictures beside me and Baby M.

~My other 3 kids
~My Husband
~My Mamaw She is the breast cancer survivor I blogged about.
~My Great Aunt
~My Dad
~My Doctor