Getting Old SUCKS

Today I did something totally depressing. I took my grandmother to see her daddy in the nursing home. Yes, you did hear me correctly. My grandmother went to see her daddy. He is my great grandfather and my kids great great. Is that correct? There are 5 generations of us. Pretty amazing.

He is 98 years old. He got sick a few months ago and had to go to a nursing home so he could have round the clock care. The nursing home is a nice one but totally depressing. The smell of it just turned my stomach. I know it wasn't a bad smell just a ummm old smell. They were lined up today looking out the window at the rare occurrence of snow. It was cute yet sad.

I began to wonder if they had visitors or were left there to die sort of thing. Make sense?

I could tell my papaw didn't want to be there. He wanted to be home. His home with his things. Not sharing the room with a man that slept the whole time we were there even though he had the TV on watching the future president speak. (I over heard him telling the nurse that he was voting Obama! WTG!!!)

I happened to see the schedule today for the nursing home. They get a sheet everyday. Today they were going to vote. It had their lunch and dinner menu on it. The back of the sheet was a search a word for them to do. Pretty good idea if you ask me. I am always buying my mamaw, great aunts search a words at the 1.00 store.

I have to run, my MIL just called and is stopping by. Here's a picture of me and my great great papaw.

October 28, 2008 Papaw


SoundOffSouth said…
5 generations of the same family together. That's very special. I am sure you will treasure the photos for generations to come.

Thanks for sharing,
The Staff
Mon said…
Nursing homes suck. I've volunteered in a few over the years. I just couldn't stand knowing so many of the folk there had no visitors. Your grandfather is very lucky to have you all.
Spaceofgrace said…
Hugs to you supermom. I've dealt with enough loneliness in my lifetime to have my heart break reading your post. Prayers for you and your family. By the way, you are a wonderful great granddaughter!
Mrs Furious said…
Obama? Go PawPaw!

Baby now recognizes him and says "Obaba"... Mr F is over the moon!
Supermom said…
Thank you for the comments. We are really blessed.

Michelle :)
Monkey's Momma said…
What a cute great-grandad! It is very sad when they have to be placed in nursing homes. As a nurse, I see it often. Make sure you visit often. If you pop in every now and then, you can keep an eye on things.