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Game Night is on!

I cannot wait to play games and munch on JUNK food! I even bought sugar cookies iced in sugar and sprinkled with more sugar!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited to play games as well! I love to play games!!!!! I am not sure who will actually show up tonight but that is okay. We will have fun no matter the size of the crowd.

About compacting. I am so proud of myself this morning. I was cleaning the hall bathroom. The shower is in need of makeover show. Superdad was all excited and said that he could get the bathroom finished in a month. To which he meant NEW EVERYTHING. Tile, shower, floor, vanity, mirror and everything else in the bathroom. Do you know what I said??? "We just need to have the shower "re-bathed" and a new toilet tank (ours has a crack that scares me, I just know one day I am going to come home to a flooded bathroom, hall and maybe more). Everything else is usable." That is TOTALLY something a compacting person would say. Now to talk Superdad into that and be happy with the results.

I must be on some sort of sugar rush at the moment. I am hyper and probably in need of a break or something. I haven't stopped since I got out of bed this morning.

Okay, must run. Will post pictures of game night later.

**I can add something else to my list of things that I can do----I highlighted my daughter's hair last night. Boy, it was a pain in the rear to pull strands of hair through the cap but I got it done and we both are happy with the results.**


Mrs Furious said...

Everything else is usable." That is TOTALLY something a compacting person would say.

LOL... yes that is TOTALLY something a compacting person would say ;)

Supermom said...

Uh huh, I agree!! Sounds like the start of something beautiful!