The Challenge Begins.

I am on a mission. Or a quest. Does it really matter what word I use for this? It has been something I have wanted to try before and never got around to it. How many times do we go through that? LOTS!!! Could of, would of and should of type thing.

Here goes my master plan!!!! I am going to see how long I can cook with the food I already have in the house. (Not including the bread, cheese and fruit that will be bought tomorrow. Oh, and the Chicken Chipotle Burrito from Urban that I have been craving for over a week and haven't had in my tummy yet.)

I will be going through the freezer, fridge and cabinet making up gourmet meals.
~insert amused look here~

Really, I am going to do this. I am not Julia Child but I am confident that I can do lots with what is already in the house. I know that I may have to purchase something along this test run and I will be brutally honest with you what is bought and the cost of it. I will type up every meal that I prepare so you can see how far our stash will go.


Breakfast~ The usual. I always make pancakes on Sunday. Throw in some blueberries and you have a tasty breakfast. H had company last night so she enjoyed this with us as well.

Lunch~ Shepherds Pie. With ground chuck, onions, garlic, beans, corn and mashed potatoes. I also cooked up some yellow squash in buttah.

Snacks~ Leftover JUNK food from last night's game night. SOMEONE COME TAKE THE DORITOS AWAY FROM ME!!!!!! JUST LEAVE THE PUMPKIN OF CANDY PLEASE!!! HA HA!

Dinner~ We haven't had this yet but I AM NOT COOKING. It will be Lucky Leftover night!

After cooking lunch and such I was beat. I did something very unusual. I grabbed up Baby M, crawled into my comfy bed under my down comforter and took a nap. A drool all over the pillow nap. See:

Sleeping Baby M + Mommy


Spaceofgrace said…
Absolutely precious!!! I love that picture! And you go girl! I don't think I have ever cooked such a gourmet LUNCH. I have now resorted to once a week cooking and my life is SO much less stressful. I have a husband (equivalent of 2 teenage boys in appetite cuz he's a jock) and 4 little boys who are surprisingly hungry. I was always worried about the next meal... I'll be keeping up to date with you to get inspired by your great ideas! Thanks...
Supermom said…

Thank you!!! I have tried in the past to cook all in one day. What are some of your tips for making it work??????

I hope you have a wonderful Monday.
Maggie said…
Man, can I come eat at your house this week?! =)

Love the picture, so sweet!!
Brenda Jean said…
I love naps. Sigh. And you two look like you are having a wonderful, peaceful nap. So rare for moms:)
Debbie said…
Oh that picture is divine. Sure does take me back. Thanks for that.
Mrs Furious said…
"Oh, and the Chicken Chipotle Burrito from Urban that I have been craving for over a week and haven't had in my tummy yet.)"


good luck on the challenge... I'll be interested to see what you come up with.