Apple Banana and something down your pants, huh?

Okay, Applesauce making was a stretch for the category "Household Chore that starts with an A". It wasn't as crazy as putting something down your pants though like Superdad tried to get on us. I think it was "Game that starts with F". I'll have to ask him again.

Last night was LOADS of fun. The adults were outnumbered by the kids I think. Let me do a head count. Adults: 6 Children under 10: 7 Girls that are 14: 2

Yes, we were outnumbered but I believe we were the loudest!!! We played Scatagories. If you haven't played this game you are missing out. I think I made myself feel yucky with all the sugar/junk food I consumed. I even grabbed a bucket of candy to munch on when I was watching SNL. Which was a huge disappointment I might add. We are HUGE Mad Men so we were hoping for a bit more.

Today I am going to veg and come off this sugar high. I'll leave you with a few pictures off the camera card:

Silly Goose

Sister Love

Highlighting Hair

Highlighting Hair


Mrs Furious said…
We had tons of fun! thanks!

Scattergories: added challenge Dora music edition... now that was a hard round ;)
Brenda Jean said…
That second picture is awesome--they are SO adorable and look so happy:)
Supermom said…
Mrs F~ We could call in the Final Scatagories round with the Dora music playing. Da da da da da da

Maybe cut the timer in half to make it more difficult.

Thank you Brenda Jean!! They are pretty content kids.

Michelle :)
Debbie said…
Great pics. We love scattergories. Haven't played in a while though - you make me want to drag it out.
Maggie said…
So glad you had fun! Cute pictures... love those glasses!! =)