All is right in the world.

Know what I mean?

As you know I am crazy OCD about NO shoes on in the house. Not for people that visit here BUT people that live here. Sooooooo, 2 days ago I vacuumed, mopped and waxed the floors. My aching back!

So as I walk around barefoot and feel the clean floor underneath them I think, "Ahhh, all is right in my world". Even if it's only for a moment, I will enjoy it!

Enough fooling around I have been busy doing other things as well. I made my menu and grocery list. It is something like this:

~Roast (the recipe I said was the best roast ever!!!)
~Fried Rice (I know I have posted this a few times but have never actually made it!! I still have the ingredients and hope to actually make it this time.)
~Veggie Night
~Salmon Loaf

I think I remembered them all. The menu is in the kitchen and I am to lazy to get up and actually get it at the moment.

Today I am meeting my new friend at Fun Depot so the kids can run, play, scream and run, play and scream some more. Wear them out is what I say!!!!! Then off to do my most favorite thing ever! Grocery shopping! Ha Ha! JOKING!

It's every woman's dream to take 2 kids to the grocery store.

Okay I leave you with 2 things:
~Out of Ollie's mouth yesterday, "I love your boobies. I have boobies too."
~Have you checked out my new site?


Maggie said…
I found you today through Suburb Sanity and added you to my list of people I follow. I'll check back in later - love your blog!

I can relate! I have 2 boys, 13 and 20 months. =)
Supermom said…
Thanks Maggie!

I try to humor everyone. IT keeps me sane.

I hope you have a great week.