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I am glad tomorrow is November 1

Happy Halloween

Tonight is Grey's Anatomy!

The Food Challenge Day 3 and 4

This and That.

Tag I am IT!!! TWICE!!!!!!

Getting Old SUCKS

I have a signature.

Look what I found this morning:

The Food Challenge Day 2 (Yesterday)

The Prisoner

The Challenge Begins.

Apple Banana and something down your pants, huh?

Game Night is on!


I feel very motivated! I know we can do this! Can't we HONEY?

Supermom, that's ME, is featured in a book!

Watch out!!!! I'm a NINJA!

It's that time of year...

You're Crazy Beautiful~Dedicated to my Crazy Beautiful Daughter H



Don't make ME spank YOU!

I know I know

More boobie talk.

Thank you Charter for On Demand!!!

All is right in the world.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Baby M.

Down's Syndrome, something that tugs at my heart.

I Heart Richard Dawson.

A Stolen Meme from Mrs Furious.

Yes, she did say that?

I am thankful it is FINALLY FRIDAY!

I am in a very grouchy mood. This is a warning.

~insert my favorite cuss word here~ TODAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY!!!

Today I am making changes.

You know you need a vacation when....

From The Camera Card: