When Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

I guess this suits my mood today. I have another headache coming on. At least tomorrow is Friday. Wait!! They'll be HAMMERING on the house though, working on the new porch/roof. Hammering and a headache do not MIX! Like strawberry milk and coffee. They just don't work well together.

Today was early release day for the kids. I have one question pertaining to that. WHY BOTHER?!?!? I think they just want us to get up early, drop them off, turn right around and pick them up. Thanks Buncombe County School system. I see you are on TOP of things, as usual. ~Smirking as I give them the cardboard cookie award.~

Ugh, I am in a sour mood. I had the perfect blog in the making, in my head, then I feel asleep and it went POOF!!! Something about how kids drain every ounce of your energy from you. I got dressed to run a few errands and realized I hadn't shaved my legs. It wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't been wearing SHORTS! I said to myself "SCREW IT"! No one at Tuesday Morning's and Steinmart would be rubbing them for good luck. So in that frame of mind I didn't put on make-up or really fix my hair. Considering it is super short anyway, no one would be able to tell. It looks like bedhead no matter what I do. I love my short spiky bedhead do. I did however brush my teeth. I bet you are glad I did make time for that. Between chasing a 3 year old around who insisted on wearing a dress with her cowboy boots again and rocking, walking, soothing, carrying a cranky teething baby around I am surprised I just didn't wear my pajamas out the door. Which I have NO problem with doing BTW!!!

After picking up the kids from school since it was an EARLY RELEASE DAY I ran to the car wash to vacuum out my minivan. I love my minivan. My minivan is awesome! LOL Next I'll be taking long walks with it and making it a cake or something.

Then for a special treat I took the kids to TasteeFreeze for milk shakes. YUMMY!!! I love milk shakes. I love anything with ice cream in it. ANYTHING!!!

Okay, I am going to get the kiddos in bed. They are watching Total Drama Island. Why didn't I think to make a reality show CARTOON to get kids addicted?!?!?!?! Next they will make The Apprentice into a cartoon. I can see Donald as a cartoon with his huge mega swirl of hair! Don't go stealing my idea now! The Apprentice Cartoon is all MINE!!! Wonder if I could get The Donald to say YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!


Helene said…
Sounds like you had a very busy day! I honestly think those early releases from school are just an excuse for the teachers to go have a drink together in the afternoon.

Glad you took the kids for ice cream. Ice cream is definitely a comfort food in my book!

I have an award waiting for you on my blog!
Monkey's Momma said…
I had a headache today too. This one was a sinus headache and I woke up with it. After enough meds to make me a little loopy and ice on my head for an hour, I felt a little better. Hope yours is all better! :)