The Weekly Menu and Off The Camera Card

Today is a mixture of subjects.

First, I MADE THE BEST TASTING ROAST LAST NIGHT!!!! I bought a Better Homes & Garden cookbook the other day. It's the special pink one for breast cancer. I found this crock pot recipe and had to try it.

Basically you take a chopped onion, put that in the crock first. Then put your beef roast on top on the onions. In a small bowl combine a big can of diced tomatoes with basil, oregano and garlic, 2 teaspoons of Italian Blend Spices and pepper. Pour over the roast and then add one bay leaf. Cook all day on low. When you are ready to serve and have put the roast on a serving plate take a slotted spoon and add all the veggies around the roast. You can pour some of the "juice" over it as well. Then take some crumbled feta cheese and sprinkle over the roast and veggies.

IT WAS YUMMYLICIOUS! I had to make a word to describe it! I served it with roasted red potatoes, peas and mac & cheese.

Rest of the week I have planned:

~Chicken Parmesan
~Fried Rice with Chicken
~Tuna Pasta

Not in that specific order but whenever the mood strikes me.

If you want to share a recipe with me, send me a comment!

Cleaning off the camera card:

Having cereal for the first time.
Eating cereal for the first time.


Sticking tongue out.

Sitting up:
Sitting up.

Sitting up.

Sitting up.

We all know how I feel about RUFFLE BUTTS!!!!!

Breaking out into song.

Oh my goodness
Honey, look at her ruffle butt
Its so pink and frilly
She looks like one of those diaper commercial babies
That are always on television
They only use her because she looks like a total doll baby
I mean her ruffle butt
It's just so pink and frilly
I can't believe it's so adorable
It's just out there
I mean, it's just so cute
Look, she's just a baby

I like ruffle butts and I cannot lie
You other mommies can't deny
That when a baby strolls in with a ruffle butt
All pink and frilly
You get excited
Wanna ask to hold her
Cuz you notice that butt is ruffled
All pink and frilly
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna hold ya
And take your picture
With your pink and frilly ruffle butt
But that butt you got
All pink and frilly
Ooh, ruffle butt
You smile and look my way
Well use me use me I’ll hold your frilly ruffle butt

I've seen them lookin’
To hell with onesies
She's got pink frilly ruffle butt

I'm tired of plain ole onesies
Saying they are the thing
Take the average mommy and ask her that
She’s got to have frilly ruffle butt

So Babies (yeah) Babies(yeah)
Have you got pink frilly ruffle butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that ruffle butt
Baby got frills


Eating cereal with pears for the third time.
Eating cereal.

Yes, it does taste better when it's all over my face.
Yes, it does taste better all over my face.

Superdad took this picture last night of Mads chilling with Supermom.
Hanging out with the greatest mom.


Lori A said…
I've been dying to try my new crock pot and will take it for a test drive with your roast recipe. Thanks!
I love stuffed bell peppers! Here is one of my favorites:

- Cut bell pepper in half and get the junk out of the middle.
- Boil for 3 minutes to soften.
- Mix and heat 1 can of black beans and an equal amount of your favorite salsa (keep most of the salsa water out).
- Place bell pepper halfs with middles up and sprinkle shredded cheese (I use mexican blend) and add black bean/salsa mixture on top.
- Add more cheese on top of mixture.
- Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
Monkey's Momma said…
I just want to pinch those cheeks!!
Supermom said…
Thanks Lori!!!! I love stuffed peppers too!!! SOUNDS YUMMYLICIOUS!!!

I really loved the roast!

MM--Yeah they are pinchable for sure!!!!!!!

Michelle :)