This is one of my ALL time favorite blogs. Since my time is limited I thought I would update it for you! Enjoy!

I'm Not Famous, Just Ask Julia Allison

I was reading the current Wired magazine that we get in the mail. There is an article about Julia Allison. Who is she you ask??? She is Internet famous. That's pretty much it. She is seen with famous people. She blogs. She tweets. She is a wild a crazy gal!!! Anything to get noticed!
She includes 3 steps to get Internet famous.

Well, this got me to thinking. I am a wild and crazy gal as well! I have led a life full of adventure. Yes it was before blogging existed and it was written down in a journal ( before computers were in every household). BUT IT STILL HAPPENED!

I sat down and made a LONG list! A list full of ADVENTURES!!! Mostly happening before I became SUPERMOM but they still count! And yet none of these things have made me famous. Until now. Let me share them! Sit back and be prepared to be shocked.

1- I won a biscuit baking contest in school. I guess this is when my fame started. I was in the paper. I made biscuits all the time. In fact, I refused to make biscuits for YEARS since I made so many during that time. I just recently started making homemade biscuits for my family.

2- I have traveled. I was an exchange student in France. I have been to The Louvre and have seen the Mona Lisa. A rather small picture. Compared to everything else I saw in The Louvre the Mona Lisa wasn't that impressive. Just my opinion though.

3- Once, while at the local mall, I saw Dr Tony Jones from General Hospital. Brad Maule is his real name. He was there for a fashion show. Kind of cheesy I know. But it did happen and I saw him in person. He was very handsome in person all those years ago. I'm talking like 17 years ago.

4- When they were filming The Last of the Mohicans in the area we had all these "Indian extras" running around with their mohawks and such. Several of them hit on me! In fact, I am sure you can see them in a few scenes. Since they all really looked alike, it would be hard to point them out though. Interesting huh? Sadly, I didn't see Daniel Day Lewis. That would have added a few points to my famous factor. I will mention as a side note that my BIL was an extra in the movie too. No, he wasn't one of the Indians with a mohawk. He was a redcoat.

5- I have dated a CEO/President of an aerospace company. Does this even count?? I know he isn't Bill Gates but I will include him as well.

6- When I managed a drug store, I spoke with Andie McDowell a few times. She still lives in the area. I really have no opinion of her as a person. We didn't go out for coffee or have late night pillow talk. I think I just gave her a basket once because her arms were full.

7- Again at the drug store, I met the beautiful Daliah Lavi. She's best known here for a couple of film roles in the sixties. But was apparently a big pop star in Europe in the 70s. I spoke to her about the movie my husband had me watch Casino Royale and how he thought she was a beautiful woman. I think she was naked in this movie with certain parts covered up. She is such a beauty even now.

Casino Royale Woody and Daliah

8- One night when I was out clubbing, I met Edward Norton's dad. There was rumor that Edward was supposed to be there but his plane was delayed. No he wasn't just some older man trying to pick me up. There was a big group of people and they had lots of tables reserved.

9- I was on TV. A Doula special on the local news. I was the HUGE pregnant woman. DOULAS ROCK!!!!! Get a DONA Doula for your next birth.

10- My husband's father was very well known to everyone in our area. He started a radio station in the 40s. I am sure I would have loved him dearly. Sadly, he died long before I met my HB. I hear he was like a local hero around here. I know that many respected and loved him. Since he was in radio he brought many talents to the area. My HB met the "Man in Black". My MIL met Elvis. The list is lengthy.

11- I read Karyn Bosnak's second book and blogged about it years ago. She wrote about me on her blog and became my friend on MySpace. I was even IM'd by her once. She is a lovely woman and I am sure if we met in person we would get along and be BFF's. She has me listed on her blog and I have her on mine. Check her out and say "hello". ~I will talk about MySpace in a few.~

12- I have seen The Flaming Lips, Tracy Chapman, Gomez, Neko Case, The Reverend Horton Heat, Unknown Hinson and The White Stripes perform. I saw huge stuffed animals dance around on stage. I stole a Neko Case poster from a bathroom for my HB. I even think the Gomez drummer was checking me out before they performed. He was at the bar getting a drink. I had my picture taken with Unknown Hinson after the show. I was asking him if I could touch his sideburns. lol

Unknown Hinson meets Michelle

13- I entered a contest on Nerve. They have monthly photo contests. I came in third. I got a naughty sex book in the mail as my prize. And NO I will not post the picture that was submitted.

Did this make me famous? No, it didn't. But it was fun.

PS. I was fully dressed in the picture. Maybe that was why I was third. I don't want anyone to think I sent in a naughty picture because I didn't. It just encouraged people to use their imagination.

14- I have a MySpace account. I would link you to it but it is set as private. It's mostly online friends and friends from high school. I do, however, have Madonna, Lizzie West, Dido, The Talking Heads, The Flaming Lips, Michelle Branch, Damien Rice, Cake, Sarah Mclachlan, and The White Stripes as friends. Does this make me famous? No, it doesn't. They haven't even left a comment for me. That's okay. I haven't left one for them either. lol

15- I have a Twitter account. Hello TWEETS!! My user name is TheSupermom. Look me up and add me as your friend. It's fun! Tweet away!

16- Last, but not least, I have this really cool site: The Adventures of Supermom. It's a blog about nothing. Like Seinfeld. Check me out. Send me out to everyone you know. Comment every chance you get. Add me to your faves! I'd love that. I'll give you a hug. Maybe even send you that naughty sex book that Nerve sent me.

I may not be Julia Allison but I don't have to be. I am who I am and I'm a great gal to know.

BTW, I have Dooce and Fussy in my bookmarks. I read them when I get a chance and will even comment on their pages. This hasn't made me famous either.


~I am the Founder & Editor of Kid Friendly Asheville.

~I was mentioned in Blog Log.

~I am a member to various online groups. BlogHer, Moms Bloggers Blog, WNC Mom, twittermoms, ashevillemommies and more...

~I joined Technorati and BlogRush.

~I am on the blogroll for BlogAsheville.

Guess what?

I am still not famous. ~amused smile~

OH OH, the best part!!!!!!! I got the best comment ever!!!!!!! It was from Lizzie, Baba & the Dharma Dog too!

Hi Supermom...

We read your blog and it moved us to meet you here in the virtual world of now. We're sorry we haven't commented before now, you should see the mess on the desktop of our minds as the work piles up in the field of creating reality.

Much love and strength to you in your adventures of Supermom. We hope to meet you somewhere on the road soon.

If you'd like to reach us personally, find us at our website: www.lizziewestlife.com

keep it lit,
~Lizzie, Baba & the Dharma Dog too

I HEART Lizzie, Baba & the Dharma Dog.


Monkey's Momma said…
Very interesting! I have a Twitter account, but I don't use it. Sad, huh?
Debbie said…
Great list. You have accomplished quite a bit.
Mary said…
I think you're famous, Supermom! You're a rock star in my book!