Tubs and Cricket

Since Baby M is getting adorably fat these days I have started calling her Tubs. So now when I look at my adorably fat baby I see a black man with his 80's jheri curl fighting crime in Miami. ~laughing~

I told Lil O she could be Crockett to go along with Tubs. She informed me that she was NOT Crockett that her name was LIL O. Then she said, "Daddy can be Cricket".

I laughed so much I could have wet my pants. Which I am glad I didn't. I already have 2 in diapers, 3 would make me insane.

Tubs and Cricket fighting big bad drug lords in Miami. Wearing linen suits and no socks. ~insert Miami Vice theme song here~

~hanging head~ I admit it!!! I used to watch Miami Vice all the time. I didn't watch the movie that came out years ago because I didn't want to ruin my Miami Vice memories.

I will say that Don Johnson got better with age!!! YUMMY!! Anyway....

While I am embarrassing myself admitting my love for Miami Vice I might as well mention my other faves. Love Boat. Fantasy Island. TJ Hooker. Sledgehammer. Who's the Boss. Growing Pains. 3's Company. 21 Jump Street. A-Team. Golden Girls. Green Acres. I could go on but I better not.

I am going to go surf the TV now. Maybe I can catch a Love Boat marathon!! Woohooo!!!!
Where's Julie when I need her?


Mary said…
I LOVED 21 Jumpstreet. Johnny Depp was so cute back then!
Brenda Jean said…
OMG I watched all those shows too, and my boys were asking about Miami Vice-- it's just too hard to explain. LOL I have seen every Green Acres episode ever--

Well, I hope your day with Cricket, Tubs and LIL O is calm and drug lord free!