Things you can always find in my kitchen at any given time.

Someone asked for me to post something about our eating habits. I am sorry I forgot who asked me and sorry I am late at posting it. Here you go:

Things you can always find in my kitchen at any given time.

~garlic bulbs
~fresh baby spinach, always great for a salad, a quiche or throw a handful in homemade soup
~some form of fresh or bagged pasta, if you are able to buy fresh pasta, as in just made please use in a week or freeze--BUY IT! I have a bag of Pasta Mama's Spinach Pasta in the freezer I am going to use this week. (I buy it at local organic grocery stores and I have seen it at the tailgate market)
~canola oil & extra virgin olive oil
~granola, bought in bulk, great for a snack as well as cereal
~almond butter, you grind it yourself at the grocery store and its yummy!!! Use it just like peanut butter.
~frozen veggies, I buy fresh most of the time but bagged frozen is a great easy way to add something to your meal. I want to learn to can because next year I plan to do LOTS of canning.
~tuna, I am a sucker for tuna salad and throwing a can of tuna into fresh pasta with manchego cheese.
~milk, whole milk and almond milk.
~walnuts, great to throw in cereal and use for recipes.
~frozen blueberries, for cereal and pancakes.
~eggs. Fresh from a friends chickens!

We are a 95% organic family. I do not buy organic cleaners, diapers, makeup, shampoo & conditioner, soaps, paper products, sugars or OREO MINT COOKIES!!!!!!!!! The above are just things that compliment meals I prepare. I sit down before grocery shopping and make a menu. I look to see what I have and what needs to be bought. It's easy. I grab my all my recipe sources and I have a great rotation going on. I also love finding a new recipe to add to my rotation.

How's that?


debbie said…
Hi. Found you through our twittermoms large family group. Love the list of what you don't buy organic. That's great. Glad to find you.
Supermom said…
Thanks Debbie!!

I am glad you stopped by for a visit. I hope that you have a lovely day.