Supermom* Starter Kit

Happy Beginning of the week. Since my B1 had yesterday off, I have my days all mixed up. I hate when that happens.

What did everyone do with an extra day in the weekend??? Not much happened here. He let me sleep in and then he went on a bike ride. That was all the excitement at our house. We are such party animals.

Thanks for all the well wishes with my headache. I am able to open my eyes now and open blinds. I really hate having a headache. One that makes you unable to function. Moms never get a day off or note from the doctor to take one. The kids were great though. While I was napping on Saturday, H folded ALL THE CLOTHES!!! And there was lots to fold, let me tell you. She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Then B1 and B2 went to a baseball game. At one point he took all the kids, except Baby M, to the park to play. I had some quiet time with Baby M and made quiche's for lunch.

Since I have been CEO of my family, this go around, for over 3 years now I am going a bit stir crazy. I am blessed to be able to stay home and actually raise my kids BUT I need something to do. Something that I am good at. This blog is more of a personal, laugh your butt off blog. Where I can type out boring things that cross my mind or things my teenage daughter has done. Or about girls calling my son or Lil O sticking a Polly Pocket up her nose. Or to blog about how much Baby M likes to breastfeed. Get my drift?

Sooooo, I bought a few domain names and have some great ideas going through my brain. I was put in touch with a nice man about writing a blog about the town I live in. I am going to write it with kids in mind. Like places to play, things to do, places to eat and kid friendly things in general. When I get it up and running I will post the link for you to see and give feedback. Both blogs will be kept separate. You'll only know its mine if you read this blog.

About my Supermom* Book below. I was at Barnes & Noble having coffee with a friend from high school few weeks ago. We had made our way back to the children's books so Lil O could play with the train and pick out a book. While sitting there enjoying her company I noticed this superhero book for kids. I HAD TO GET IT!!!!!! I thought I would fool around with it and make it a Supermom* book for fun!!! My son already wants the cape!! The nerve!!

Supermom* Starter Kit


Brenda Jean said…
I'm glad your headache is getting better, and SO glad you had some help around the house:) I know how you feel about having something to do. The blogs are new to me, but I have a website that I've had since 1998. The boys were 4 and 5 when I started. I'd think I'd go nuts if I hadn't been doing something creative.